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Meetings at the Margins

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Copyright: 2012
Trim: 7 x 10
Pages: 312
Illustrations: 41 illus., 35 maps, 24 tables



Meetings at the Margins

Prehistoric Cultural Interactions in the Intermountain West

Edited by David Rhode

Anthropology / Archaeology

Environmental conditions clearly influenced the cultural development of societies in the Intermountain West, but how did interactions with neighbors living along the region’s borders affect a society’s growth and advancement, its cultural integrity, and its long-term survival? Relationships among different societies are, of course, crucial to the spread of information, innovation, and belief systems; to the maintenance of exchange and mating networks; and to the forging of ethnic identity. In these ways and others, intergroup relationships can be as strong a force in shaping a society’s identity and future as are local social and economic dynamics.

Meetings at the Margins focuses on the ways in which different ­societies in the Intermountain West profoundly influenced each other’s histories throughout the more than fourteen millennia of prehistoric occupation. Historically, inhabitants of this region frequently interacted with more than forty different groups—neighbors who spoke some two dozen different languages and maintained diverse economies. The contributors to this volume demonstrate that in the prehistoric Intermountain West, as elsewhere throughout the world, intergroup interactions were pivotal for the dynamic processes of cultural cohesion, differentiation, and change, and they affirm the value of a long-term, large-scale view of prehistory.

David Rhode is a research professor with the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada, where he works as an archaeologist and Quaternary paleoecologist. Rhode is the author of Native Plants of Southern Nevada: An Ethnobotany (2002) and co-editor (with David Madsen) of Across the West: Human Population Movement and the Expansion of the Numa (1994), both published by The University of Utah Press.

Table of Contents:

List of Figures
List of Tables

1. Intergroup and Interregional Interactions In and Around the Intermountain West ~ David Rhode
2. The Clovis-Last Hypothesis: Investigating Early Lithic Technology in the Intermountain West ~ Charlotte Beck and George T. Jones
3. Lithic Technology, Cultural Transmission, and the Nature of the Far Western Paleoarchaic/ Paleoindian Co-Tradition ~ Loren G. Davis, Samuel C. Willis, and Shane J. Macfarlan
4. Great Basin–California/Plateau Interactions Along the Western Front ~ Michael G. Delacorte and Mark E. Basgall
5. Prehistoric Textile Trade and Exchange in the Western Great Basin: Outland Coiling and Catlow Twining ~ Catherine S. Fowler and Eugene M. Hattori
6. Large Game Exploitation and Intertribal Boundaries on the Fringe of the Western Great Basin ~ Frank E. Bayham, R. Kelly Beck, and Kimberley L. Carpenter
7. Great Basin Hunters of the Sierra Nevada ~ Kelly R. McGuire, Kimberley L. Carpenter, and Jeffrey Rosenthal
8. Columbia Plateau: The Northwestern Frontier ~ James C. Chatters
9. Numipu and Numa Along the Northern Rim: The Evidence from Western Idaho ~ Kenneth C. Reid and Travis Pitkin
10. Stability and Change in the Rocky Mountains: Who Was Here When, and What Were They Doing? ~ Michael D. Metcalf and E. Kae McDonald
11. Fremont–Anasazi Boundary Maintenance and Permeability in the Escalante Drainage ~ Joel C. Janetski, Lane D. Richens, and Richard K. Talbot
12. Gray, Buff, and Brown: Untangling Chronology, Trade, and Culture in the Las Vegas Valley, Southern Nevada ~ Heidi Roberts and Richard V. N. Ahlstrom
13. A Model for Predicting Economic Interaction in Arid Lands and an Evaluation in Eastern California Based on Brownware Ceramics ~ Jelmer W. Eerkens
14. Perishable Artifacts and Fluid Archaeological Frontiers ~ J. M. Adovasio
15. The Chert Core and the Obsidian Rim: Some Long-Term Implications for the Central Great Basin ~ David Hurst Thomas
16. Archaeological Perspectives on the Great Basin Culture Area ~ David B. Madsen

List of Contributors

Praise and Reviews:

"An important strength of this volume is the range of approaches brought to bear on the topic of regional interaction. The book is an important volume that contributes significantly to our knowledge and understanding of Great Basin prehistory."
—Journal of Anthropological Research

“The idea for and concept behind the volume is innovative and timely.”
—Steven Simms, author of Traces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah (The University of Utah Press, 2010)

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