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The Glen Canyon Country

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Copyright: 2011
Trim: 8 x 10
Pages: 448 pp.
Illustrations: 110 photographs and 3 maps


The Glen Canyon Country

A Personal Memoir

Don D. Fowler

Anthropology / Archaeology / Memoir

In his new book, The Glen Canyon Country, archaeologist Don D. Fowler shares the history of a place and the peoples who sojourned there over the course of several thousand years. To tell this story, he weaves his personal experience as a student working on the Glen Canyon Salvage Project with accounts of early explorers, geologists, miners, railroad developers, settlers, river runners, and others who entered this magical place. The book details the canyon's story via historical and scientific summaries, biographical sketches, personal memoir, and previously unpublished photos of the land and its explorers.

Readers will experience the intrigue and beauty of the Canyon while following not only the story of an individual but also of Glen Canyon itself. Infused with the breadth and depth of a lifetime of archaeological experience, The Glen Canyon Country is the definitive account of the prehistory and history of a significant river corridor and the surrounding land.

Don Fowler is Mamie Kleberg Distinguished Professor of Historic Preservation and Anthropology Emeritus, University of Nevada, Reno. He is author of The Laboratory for Anthropology (University of Utah Press, 2010) and co-editor, with Linda Cordell, of Southwest Archaeology in the Twentieth Century (University of Utah Press, 2005) and numerous other publications on the archaeology and anthropology of the American Southwest.

Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations
Foreword by W.L. Rusho
Preface and Acknowledgments

1. Prelude
2. The Glen Canyon Country and Its First Explorers, 1776–1856
3. Mapping and Defining the Glen Canyon Country
4. John Wesley Powell and the Canyon Country, 1867–1869
5. Powell and the Glen Canyon Canyon Country
6. Powell, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the Canyon Country
7. Laccoliths and Grand Staircases: The Work of C. E. Dutton and G. K. Gilbert
8. Glen Canyon Country Geology in the Twentieth Century
9. Colorado Canyon Railroad and Gold Fever: Stanton and Spencer
10. Romancing the Glen Canyon Country
11. Pack Trips and River Running: Exploring the Country for Fun
12. Harnessing the Colorado River
13. Early Archaeology in the Glen Canyon Country
14. The Enamored Explorers
15. The Glen Canyon Project: Beginnings
16. Implementing the Glen Canyon Project
17. The 1959 and 1960 Seasons
18. The 1961 and 1962 Seasons
19. The Museum of Northern Arizona and the Glen Canyon Project
20. Lives and Times of Sojourners in the Glen Canyon Country
21. Postlude: The Glen Canyon Country of the Imagination


Praise and Reviews:

"I found the book engrossing for both the sheer breadth of its account and for its interesting personal sidelights on some of the characters that the Glen Canyon country has attracted. The book will have a permanent place in the scholarly literature on the Glen Canyon country."
—Melvin Aikens, University of Oregon

"No one has brought together so many different facets of the Glen Canyon story: prehistory, history, exploration, scientific study, exploitation, recreational use, and use for water storage and power."
—Roy D. Webb, University of Utah

"I have read literally dozens of books about Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. Even so, I found Don's book fresh, innovative, and a real contribution to our knowledge of this important place. With a charming narrative voice, he recounts a living history everyone can enjoy, breathing new life into those now submerged cliffs and canyons on every page."
—Bookin' with Sunny

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