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Among the Mormons

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Copyright: 1994
Trim: 6 x 9
Pages: 497 pp.


Among the Mormons

William Mulder and Russell Mortensen

Western Epics Publications

Mormon Studies

A fascinating eyewitness history of the Mormon movement—from its beginnings as a curious, controversial sect to its present-day prosperity. Told through contemporary accounts, letters, newspaper columns, documents, and memoirs by the Saints themselves and by the travelers, journalists, soldiers, officials (and their wives), humorists, and sensation-seekers who followed and observed the Mormons in their great trek westward and in the later struggles and adventures in Zion.
Distributed for Western Epics Publishing.

William Mulder is author of Homeward to Zion, a story of the Mormon migration from Scandinavia.

A. Russell Mortensen was director of the Utah State Historical Society from 1950–1961.

Table of Contents:

Map: Movements and Settlements of the Mormons
Prologue: "The Mormons," Robert P. Tristram Coffin

I. GENESIS. The Times of Joseph Smith

An American Prophet's Own Story | Joseph Smith
A Yankee Household | Lucy Mack Smith, O. Turner
Dreams and Visions, Signs and Wonders | Solomon Mack
Grace Abounding and Religious Revival | Asael Smith, William Smith
"Something Is a Going to Take Place" | Lucius Fenn
A Farmer's Excitement | Martin Harris
Village Seer | W.D. Purple
"We Hear You Have a Gold Bible" | Lucy Mack Smith
Governor Harding's Recollections | Parley P. Pratt
Pedlar's Progress | Lucy Mack Smith
Parley Parker Pratt Seeks Salvation | Parley P. Pratt
Away to the Ohio | Nancy Towle
"I Certainly Should Have Gone Into the Water" | Frederic G. Mather
Tar and Feathers | Joseph Smith
Land and Promise | Joseph Smith, Contemporary Newspapers
New Jerusalem: Letter from Independence | B. Pixley
Trouble in Jackson County | Missouri Intelligencer
"Excitement, Anxiety and Alarm" | B. Pixley
Zion's Camp | Contemporary Newspapers
"By No Means Men of Weak Minds" | James H. Eells
Pride and Apostasy in Ohio | John Corrill
Far West, Missouri | Brigham H. Roberts
Sidney Rigdon's Ultimatum | Sidney Ridgon
"A True Narrative of Causes" | Missouri Argus
Civil War in Missouri | W. F. Dunnica, Austin A. King
"Exterminate or Expel Them" | Governor L. W. Boggs
Massacre at Haun's Mill | Joseph Young
The Mormons Surrender | John Corrill
Flight from Missouri | Daily Missouri Republican, Cleveland Herald
Beginnings in Illinois | Alexandria Gazette
Charlotte Haven Writes Home from Nauvoo | Charlotte Haven
"Great Events Have Transpired": Politics and Polygamy | Charlotte Haven
"If We Are Not Molested" | Martha Haven, Sarah Scott
Two Boston Brahmins Call on the Prophet | Josiah Quincy
"A Portentous Aspect": The Nauvoo Expositor is Destroyed | Sarah and Isaac Scott
Martyrdom at Carthage | Dr. Thomas L. Barnes
Aftermath: "The Church Is Now Divided" | Sarah and Isaac Scott
Whittier Attends a Mormon Conventicle | John Greenleaf Whittier

II. EXODUS. The Flight into the Wilderness

"As Soon As Grass Grows and Water Runs" | Daily Missouri Republican
"So On Our Way to California" | Missouri Whig
A City for Sale | Daily Missouri Republican
"We Have Sold Our Place for a Trifle" | Martha S. Haven
The Camp of Israel | Hancock Eagle
The Mormon Battalion | Thomas L. Kane
The Voyage of the Brooklyn | Edward C. Kemble
Communique on Displaced Persons | Burlington Hawkeye
Epitaph for Nauvoo | Thomas L. Kane
The Mormon Encampments | Thomas L. Kane
Winter Quarters Among the Indians | Thomas L. Kane
"These Western Moves Are Hard on Cattle" | Martha S. Haven

III. CHRONICLES AND JUDGES. The Times of Brigham Young

The Spanish Padre and the Valley of Paradise | Father Escalante
On the Eve of Settlement | Heinrich Lienhard
The Promised Land | William Clayton
"The Garden of Joseph" | Second General Epistle
Forty-niners | John B. Hazlip, A. P. Josselyn
"The Mormonee" | William L. Manly
An Oregon Emigrant | Solomon Zumwalt
A Soldier and Surveyor | Capt. Howard Stansbury
The Runaway Judges | Perry E. Brocchus
Jedediah Grant Strikes Back | Jedediah Morgan Grant
Critic in Crinoline | Mrs. B. G. Ferris
Fremont's Artist Observer | Solomon Nunes Carvalho
The Gallant Lieutenant | Lt. Sylvester Mowry
A French Botanist Attends a Mormon Conference | Jules Remy
Handcarts to Zion | John Chislett, Mary Ann Hafen
Carpetbag Crisis: Drummond and His Trollop | W. W. Drummond
The Coming of Johnston's Army | Brigham Young
A Deserted City | Capt. Albert Tracy
Letters from the Governor's Lady | Elizabeth Cumming
Massacre at Mountain Meadows | Juanita Brooks
Horace Greeley Interviews Brigham Young | Horace Greeley
A British Adventurer in the City of the Saints | Sir Richard Burton
Charles Dickens Describes a Mormon Emigrant Ship | Charles Dickens
Mark Twain Makes Some Wisecracks | Mark Twain
Glimpses of Mormon Society | Fitz Hugh Ludlow

IV. LAMENTATIONS. Conflict and Accommodations in Zion

The Irrepressible Conflict | Samuel Bowles
A Humanitarian Looks at the "Mormon Question" | William Hepworth Dixon
Denominational Inroads | Daniel Sylvester Tuttle
The Lord's Co-op | Edward W. Tullidge
The Mormons and the Mines | Charles Marshall
"An After-Clap of Puritanism" | Ralph Waldo Emerson
A Visit with Amelia Folson Young | A. M.
Retrenchment: Brigham Young's Doctrine on Dress | Brigham Young
Through Utah with Captain Codman | John Codman
The Orderville Brethren | Phil Robinson
Mormon Households | Sarah Wood Kane
Crusade and Countercrusade | John M. Coyner
Senator Brown of Georgia Defends the Mormons | Joseph E. Brown
The Cohabs Go Underground | Grace Atkin Woodbury
Capitulation: Wilford Woodruff Issues a Manifesto | Wilford Woodruff
Utah Joins the Union | Charles S. Varian

V. PSALMS. An Era of Good Feeling

Elegy: A Summer in a Mormon Village | Florence A. Merriam
The Plural Widows of St. George | Sarah Comstock
Reed Smoot, Apostle in Politics | Nels Anderson
Vachel Lindsay Encounters the Mormons in Canada | Stephen Graham
Sin Comes to Ogden | Bernard De Voto
Depression: "Perhaps the Mormons are Pointing the Way" | Richard L Neuberger
Tourist Holiday | Samuel W. Taylor
The Contemporary Scene | Dale L. Morgan
Hometown Revisited | Wallace Stegner


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