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Albert Tissandier - Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Images from Albert Tissandier's trips to North America during 1885 and 1886. Tissandier was born in France in 1839 and died in 1906. A French visitor to the American West in the 1880s, he left a series of pencil drawings of still-recognizable locales in and near Utah. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts holds what may be the most complete collection of these appealing works.
Alta Avalanche
A collection of more than 40 important historical publications on the study of avalanches and avalanche control near Alta, Utah. This includes 31 publications of the U.S. Forest Service from the Alta Avalanche Study Center, dating from 1953-1971. Topics include introduction to avalanches, training for dog leaders, classification of snow crystals, blasting agents for snow safety, probing techniques for victims, stablility of snow slabs, avalanche forces, protecting objects, and many more.
American Westward Migration
Diaries, maps and trails of Mormon pioneers and their westward migration in the 1850s. Diaries include Joseph C. Kingsbury, George A. Thomas, John B. Fairbanks, Joseph A. Young, and Lucia Lamb Everett.
Arabic Papyrus, Parchment, and Paper
The Arabic Papyrus, Parchment & Paper Collection is the largest of its kind in the United States, containing 770 Arabic papyrus documents, 1300 Arabic paper documents, and several pieces on parchment. The collection was acquired by Prof. Aziz Suriyal Atiya, founder of the Middle East Center and the Middle East Library. A large number of pieces date to the period between 700 and 850 CE. The collection includes a significant number of documents from the pre-Ottoman period and thus offers unique source material on the political, economic, religious and intellectual life of Egypt during the first two centuries of Islamic rule and the period up to Ottoman domination.


Chicano Scholarship Archive
"Prior to 1970, few Utah Chicanos had attended the University of Utah and even fewer had graduated. Low educational attainment and financial hardship were some of the factors which prevented Utah's Chicano population from pursuing higher education. As a result, a group of University Chicano faculty, community representatives and students felt a need to recognize and encourage those outstanding Chicano students who were willing to provide quality service to the community while maintaining academic excellence."
College of Architecture + Planning
This collection was created by the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah to facilitate the study of a wide range of local, national and international architectural styles and histories.
College of Law Publications
Back issues from the publications of the S.J. Quinney College of Law, including the Utah Law Review, Journal of Law and Family Studies, and Journal of Land, Resources, and Environmental Law.
Colorado Riverbed Case
Transcripts of the Colorado Riverbed Case. This case grew out of a desire by the State of Utah to determine who owned the bed of the Colorado River. Utah wanted to drill for oil and for other economic purposes in the bed of the river, but it first had to be determined who owned it, Utah or the United States. This hinged on whether the Colorado could be declared a navigable or a non-navigable river. The U.S. Supreme Court began acquiring testimony in October 1929. The final decree was issued in 1931, giving possession of the riverbed to the United States in non-navigable sections of the river in Utah. Possession of the riverbed in navigable sections of the basin was given to the State of Utah. The decision of the court was dependent on the testimony of individuals who had personal experience with the Colorado River in Utah. Most of the witnesses were river runners, both professional and recreational. Much of the testimony came from scientists and engineers who worked for the United States Geological Survey or the Reclamation Service (later the Bureau of Reclamation). Other testimony came from petroleum geologists and placer miners. Persons of notable historic importance include Frederick Dellenbaugh, a member of the second Powell expedition; Franklin Nims, photographer of the Brown-Stanton expedition; various members of the James Best expedition; photographer Ellsworth Kolb; members of the Clyde Eddy expeditions; and members of the Pathe-Bray film expedition. It could be said that the Colorado Riverbed Case is the largest known oral history of the men and women who utilized the Colorado River basin in Utah prior to 1929.
Cycling Utah - Mountain West Cycling Journal
Cycling Utah is the Source for Utah Bicycling Information and Intermountain West bicycling information. It contains complete Idaho and Utah Road and Utah Mountain Biking Event Calendar, Utah Bike club information, Cycling links, Utah Bike Shop Directory, cycling stories and more.
Cyprus Medical Research
The Cyprus Medical Research collection contains literature published in various medical journals in Cyprus, but which are generally unavailable in commercial databases. Journals include the Cyprus Medical Journal, Cyprus Nursing Chronicles, Bulletin of the Cyprus SurgicalSociety, and the proceedings of various medical and health conferences in Cyprus and the Mediterranean area. For more information about this project please see thepublished paper [ ]


Dard Hunter Books
Dard Hunter (1883-1966) dedicated his life to researching, collecting, and writing books on papermaking throughout the world. He also published his own exquisite handmade books on the subject. This digital presentation is drawn from the holdings of the Marriott Library, which has one of the largest Dard Hunter collections in the world.
Delta City Library - Beckwith Photograph Collection
Photographs and scrapbooks by Frank Asahel Beckwith, editor and publisher of the Millard County Chronicle from 1919-1951. Mr. Beckwith was an amateur geologist and anthropologist and his photographs depict Utah landscapes and Native Americans.
Dialogue - A Journal of Mormon Thought
First published in 1966, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought is an independent quarterly journal of "Mormon thought" that addresses a wide range of issues. The journal publishes peer-reviewed academic articles which run the gamut from anthropology and sociology to theology, history, and science. Dialogue authors regularly include both members of the Mormon community and non-Mormon scholars interested in Mormon Studies.


European Performance Arts
Drawing on early-modern documents preserved in the Marriott Library, this collection represents an intersection of theater, dance, music, visual, and print culture between 1600 and 1850. The collection focus is upon dance in this period, but includes music, noted images of Shakespeare's plays, lesser known works, and images and biographies of some of the better known French theater personalities.


Forty-fourth Bomb Group Veterans Association - 8 Ball Tails Magazine
The 8 Ball Tails is a publication that chronicles the History, the Legacy, and the Stories of the 44th Bomb Group during WW II.
Frank Lloyd Wright - Wasmuth Portfolio
The Wasmuth Portfolio was a collaborative effort between Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernst Wasmuth, a German publisher. It is a complete folio of Wright's work to date, and was published in 1910-11. The collection of Wright's houses and commercial buildings received far more attention and praise in Europe than in the United States. Contemporary architects called it "the most important book of the century."
Frederick William Reynolds Lectures
The annual F.W. Reynolds Lectureships at the University of Utah serve a double purpose. First, through a distinguished member of its faculty, the University presents an important yearly offering to the public. Second, the Lectureship commemorates in a fitting way the unique service of Professor Reynolds to the institution and to the State. The selection committee acts upon recommendations of the Deans who are made responsible for nominating faculty members of outstanding accomplishments in their schools. The University presents the lecture through the medium of its Extension Division. Tthe Reynolds Lectureship has now become firmly established as a University function " promoted and administered by the University.


Great Basin Association Photographs
The Great Basin Association maintains this photo collection of Great Basin National Park. Located in Eastern Nevada, the once-thought barren area is full of unique wildlife and geological formations. This collection contains a number of antiquated photos, depicting early developments in the National Park, as well as contemporary photos of its landscape and park facilities.
Great Basin Museum
The Great Basin Museum collection contains an assortment of historical photographs that depict historical events in infrastructure development in the Great Basin Area.
Great Basin National Heritage Area Oral Histories
Oral histories of sheepherders and video recordings from the annual gathering of sheepherders and sheep ranching families from Nevada and Utah. The Great Basin National Heritage Area is a geographical region encompassing White Pine County, Nevada and Millard County, Utah and adjacent Indian reservations that contains nationally significant archaeological, historical, cultural, natural and scenic features that are emblematic of the entire Great Basin Area. The Great Basin National Heritage Area Partnership is a grass roots organization incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization in the States of Nevada and Utah. It is designated as the local coordinating body for the Great Basin National Heritage Area. It works toward preserving the heritage of that central area of the Great Basin which includes Millard County, Utah; White Pine County, Nevada; the Duckwater Shoshone Reservation; the Ely Shoshone Tribe; the Goshute Indian Reservation; and the Kanosh Indian Reservation. See
Green River Launch Complex
The Green River Launch Complex sits near Green River, a small community in central Utah. Built in 1964, by the US Air Force, the complex was used to test various missile and projectile weapons.
Green River Public Library - Pearl Biddlecomb Baker Collection
The Green River Public Library is a repository for historic documents involving the Green River Area. Pearl Biddlecomb Baker played a key role in making the facility possible. This collection contains some of the documents the Library has to offer, as well as documents about the life of Baker.


Harmonia Macrocosmica
Harmonia Macrocosmica, by Andreas Cellarius, was first printed in 1660. The University of Utah copy is from the 1661 edition. Along with accompanying text in Latin, Harmonia contains double-folio hand-painted color plates depicting cosmographic theories of astronomers such as Aratus (315 bce – 240 bce), Ptolemy (90 – 168), Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), and others.
Hidden Water - Salt Lake County Water Drainages
Hidden Water unveils surface water systems on the east side of Salt Lake Valley, both culinary and irrigation. The web site follows the seven major streams of the Wasatch Front, plus minor ones, and tracks that water from headwaters to the Jordan River and then Great Salt Lake. It intermixes contemporary photographs with historical photographs from several archives showing earlier uses and diversions of water. The web site documents how stakeholders utilize the water with treatment plants, hydropower plants and irrigation ditches. In turn, these public, recreational and commercial uses flow from water rights dating back to territorial days. The term "hidden water" refers to our tendency to take our water system for granted. We turn a tap and expect the water to flow. Where water comes from and how it's delivered is "hidden" to us. Somehow, it crosses a jumble of political divisions and property lines and arrives at our taps. The intention of this Hidden Water web site is to make that system visible and transparent. Surface flow supplies 60% of the water we consume in Salt Lake City. It's a finite supply and it's precious. Moreover, climate change will put a strain on that supply. Ultimately, surface water in Salt Lake Valley is a closed system. Our mountains collect moisture that falls from the sky, and over geologic deep time, gravity has pulled that water, cutting drainages that eventually empty onto and meander through the valley floor. After multiple uses, the water that's left flows into Great Salt Lake, where winter storm "lake effect" picks up surface water and deposits it back onto the Wasatch Front, some years providing approximately 20% of our snowpack. That closed system tells us we must live within the cyclical boundaries of our water. Once we see that water and know where it comes from, we will be able to assess the delicate balance between using water for in-stream uses that benefit the environment or in-house uses that serve our lifestyles and economy. Hopefully, when our water is no longer hidden, we will begin to better appreciate and conserve it.
Hinckley Journal of Politics
This collection holds the first 8 volumes of the Hinckley Journal of Politics, begining in 1998. This journal publishes scholarly papers of exceptional caliber, promoting the intellectual talents and understanding of University of Utah undergraduate students in Political Science. The Journal covers issues ranging from local to international political concerns, embracing diverse political perspectives and a variety of analytical approaches.
History of Shelley Idaho
Shelley, Idaho, is a town of about 4,000 located in east-central Idaho. First settled late in the 1800s, it was established as a town in 1904. This collection contains an assortment of pictures, descriptions, and articles that document the history of Shelley.
Hotel Utah
On June 9th, 1911 a ten-story glittering white palace renowned for elegance and extraordinary service was christened to the world as the Hotel Utah. Construction had begun two years prior and was overseen but the Parkinson and Bergstron architecture firm. As many as 550 men worked on site each day during construction. The hotel’s distinctive interior was clad in granite and porcelain glazed pure-white terra-cotta. An ornate white dome in the shape of a beehive, the state’s symbol of cooperative industry, crowned the regal Italian influenced structure. Fine furnishings, beautiful art, and an exceptional staff made the Hotel Utah a mecca for business leaders, public officials, travelers, and even Hollywood socialites. In August of 1987 the Hotel Utah closed its doors amid financial losses and a need for extensive renovations despite outcry and protests from community members. Today Hotel Utah is known as The Joseph Smith Memorial Building. While no longer a hotel, The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is a popular location for those celebrating weddings, anniversaries, and events. The Hotel Utah Photograph and Manuscript collections (P0283 and Ms0469) are housed in the Special Collections department of the J. Willard Marriott Library. Digitized photographs and manuscripts items from the collection are available for researching online and include highlights from the Hotel’s distinguished history. The physical collections are available to all researchers during regular business hours.
Humanities In Focus
The collection includes more than 35 documentary films from students at the University of Utah and Greater Salt Lake City community. Since 2006, the students of HIF have covered subjects dealing with pressing issues that include addiction, abuse, immigration, politics, and family.


Intermountain Ski Instructors Association
This collection holds the various documents detailing the history of the Intermountain Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). The documents include Board of Directors meetings (1956-1982), Executive Committee meetings (1957-1982), committee reports (1959-1975), General Membership meetings (1959-1966) and various letters (1952-1975).


John W. Fitzgerald Collection
Fitzgerald Famly Stories; An autobiographical story of a country town from 1910 to 1925 with an epilogue from 1925-1967, pictures and selected poems.
John Wesley Powell Expeditions
John Wesley Powell, the iconic explorer of the Colorado River, left the American southwest with a rich legacy. During his expeditions he compiled data and a number of sketches describing the landscape. This collection contains various writings and geographical publications to which Powell contributed.


Karl Bodmer Aquatints
Karl Bodmer created over 150 watercolors during the 1832 -1834 expedition through the American west by Prince Maximilian zu Wied. For more than a century, Bodmer's aquatints have remained a major source of information regarding Plains Indian culture. These works of art were also instrumental in creating the romantic perceptions and misconceptions of these peoples, which endure to this day in art, film, and literature.


Land-Transportation Planning
Integrated land use-transportation scenario planning employs a range of possible future scenarios to facilitate public decision-making on land use policies and transportation investments. This collection includes summary documents from the leading scenario planning projects in U.S. metropolitan areas between 1988 and 2003.
Lennox and Catherine Tierney Photograph Collection
Professor Patrick Lennox Tierney is professor emeritus from the University of Utah’s Art History Department. Lennox Tierney’s specialty is Japan and has visited that country almost every year since 1949 when he first worked there as the Arts and Monuments Commissioner. Later, Lennox Tierney lead many photography tours over the years for a group called Through the Lens Tours and traveled to most countries of the world. Over the years, Professor Tierney donated over 250,000 slides to the Marriott Library’s collections. The slides reflect landscapes, architecture, agriculture, the arts, and various other topics. The Japanese government acknowledged and praised Professor Tierney for his Japan related photography by conferring the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2007.
Lessons, The Journal of the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence
This collection contains 10 back issues of the Lessons journal, beginning in 2001. The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) was established at the University of Utah in the 1992 to "be a resource for all teachers on campus, a safe place for developing or improving teaching skills and responding to new demands of classes..." Its journal, Lessons, contains articles and how-to instructions intended to enhance classroom environments.


Marriott Library Permanent Art Collection
Marriott Library's art collection includes a wide variety of mediums and genres
McKay Music Library - Abravanel Studio Collection
Maurice Abravanel (1903-1993) conducted the Utah Symphony for more than thirty years (1947-1979), transforming it from a community orchestra into a well-respected, professional ensemble. Before accepting the position in Utah to build his own symphony, Abravanel had established a remarkable career, including conducting the Berlin State, and Paris Operas. In 1936, he became the youngest contracted conductor in the history of New York's Metropolitan Opera. Later, after World War II, Abravanel turned down a contract and considerable salary with Radio City Music Hall to come to Utah. Housed in the McKay Music Library, the Abravanel Studio reconstructs the study in Maurice Abravanel's home and contains his scores, books, personal memorabilia, photographs, and his Steinway piano. During his tenure with the Utah Symphony, Abravanel was known particularly for his pioneering recordings of the complete symphonies of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). Scans of the maestro's notated scores of the nine Mahler symphonies will form the backbone of the Abravanel Studio digital collection as it continues to grow.
Middle East Collections
The Middle East rare collections include manuscripts in Arabic, Coptic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish dating from as early as 800CE/183AH, and more than 3,000 printed books from and about the Middle East. Highlighted in this collection is an eighteenth century Quran produced in Bukhara and a Persian manuscript of poetry by a Mughal princess.
Mountain West Digital Library
The Mountain West Digital Library is a central search portal for digital collections about the Mountain West region, at It provides free access to over 800,000 resources from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, historical societies, and government agencies, counties, and municipalities in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, and other parts of the U.S. West.
Moving Image Archives
The University of Utah Moving Image Archives highlights a selection of the film and video holdings in Special Collections.
Murray Museum Collection
A wide-ranging collection of nearly 3,000 photographs from the Murray City (Utah) Museum depicting a general history of Murray from the early 20th to early 21st centuries. Topics and events portrayed in the photos include early pioneers, city mayors and other prominent citizens, city buildings and schools, the Murray fire department, 1983 flood, Jordan River Parkway, construction along State Street, just to name a few.
Music Temple Visitor's Register
A spectacular grotto in Glen Canyon of the Colorado River, Music Temple was a popular stop for parties of tourists. As early as the 1930s someone began the tradition of leaving a metal box in the grotto where travelers could write their names on notebooks and pieces of paper, many of which are a "who's who" of early river runners.


Naturae Simia
Robert Fludd, a prominent 17th century doctor, wrote Nature Simia, which was released around 1626. This book, which forms part of the encyclopedic series issued over 9 years to 1626 called 'Utriusque Cosmi Maioris Scilicet et Minores Metaphysica, Physica Atque Technica Historia'. This portion contains interesting sketches and diagrams of various innovations and ideas.
Neuro-Ophthalmology V-Ed Library: NOVEL
The Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library (NOVEL) is a web accessible collection of images, videos, lectures and other digital media for use by neuro-ophthalmology professionals, educators, students, and patients.


Online Public Health Library
The Online Public Health Library contains detailed information on various health demographics. This data is contained in various reports and survey findings within the collection.


Park City Historical Society & Museum
The Park City Historical Society and Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting Park City's history and heritage. This collection contains some of the Society's historic photos of Park City and the Mountain West region.
Pioneer Diaries
The J. Willard Marriott Library Pioneer Diaries draw on the rich manuscript holdings of the library's Special Collections department to make unique and historically significant Utah documents easily available to the general public for the first time. The series begins with sets of diaries written by Frederick Kesler and B.H. Roberts, offering glimpses into the personal, business, and religious affairs of two men who helped shape the early history of both the state and the region. Future plans include the publication of pioneer diaries by other Utah men and women, both famous and obscure, each offering a unique perspective on a fascinating and formative period in the history of the American West. All diaries are also available for purchase at


Rare Books
The Rare Books Division of Special Collections holds more than 80,000 books, maps and ephemera representing the written record of world history from ancient clay tablet to 21st century artists’ books. By actively collecting, preserving and digitizing material of historical and aesthetic importance the Rare Books Division provides reference, research and educational access to local, regional and international communities, strengthening the ability of faculty to teach, students to learn, and communities to find common denominators.


Salt Lake City Public Library Special Collections
Unique historic souvenir images and the Official Coat of Arms of Salt Lake City, from the Special Collections of the Salt Lake City Public Library
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
This collection contains large-scale, detailed maps from 1867 into the early 20th century depicting the commercial, industrial, and residential sections of many Utah cities. They were designed in 1866 by surveyor D.A. Sanborn to assist fire insurance agents in determining the risk associated with insuring a particular property. The map surveyors meticulously documented the structural evidence of urbanization - building by building, block by block, and community by community.
Snow College - Saga of the Sanpitch
This collection contains 30 volumes of stories and poems about early southern Utah pioneers.


Tanner Trust Books
A collection of 14 books covering topics dealing with early Utah history and Mormon culture, featuring the 1857 diary of Brigham Young.
Tooele County Histories
A chronological collection of Tooele (UT) area history between 1849 – 1890. Compiled by local historian George William Tripp.
Topaz Museum
From 1942 to 1945, over 100,000 Japanese-Americans were interned in camps throughout the American West. Topaz Camp, located near Delta, Utah, held around 8,000 of these individuals. This collection contains an assortment of historical photos depicting the hardships met by these prisoners.


U Scholar Works
U Scholar Works contains peer-reviewed materials from the University of Utah as well as other scholarly works and data that might otherwise not be published, preserved, or accessible to the general public.
USpace Institutional Repository
The USpace Institutional Repository is an open access repository of scholarly works produced by faculty and students of the University of Utah. The Institutional Repository Initiative is a collaborative project between the libraries at the University of Utah and the University community. Our goal is to collect and archive the intellectual capital of the institution and make these scholarly materials freely available on the Internet. Our mission is to collect, maintain, preserve, record, and provide access to the intellectual capital and output of the University of Utah, to reflect the University's excellence, and to share that work with others. USpace has three broad categories of materials: Theses and Dissertations (selected dissertations, masters theses and projects, and undergraduate honors theses from University of Utah graduates), UScholar Works (peer-reviewed materials as well as other scholarly works and data that might otherwise not be published, preserved, or made accessible), and the Electronic University Archive (information about and produced by the University of Utah).
Uintah County Library Photograph Collections
Located in Vernal, Utah, the Uintah County Library serves as a key information center in its area. These collections contain a wide assortment of historical photos from the Uintah County area.
Undergraduate Research Abstracts Journal
This collection contains back issues of the Undergraduate Research Abstracts Journal. It contains student accounts of research performed while at the University of Utah. First published in 2001, a volume has been released annually since. The journal has grown significantly in recent years.
Univ of Utah - Alf Engen Papers
Collection contains photocopied news clippings and mementos gathered by Alf Engen's mother concerning Engen's international Nordic and Alpine skiing careers. Some correspondence and certificates are also included. There are nine scrapbooks in the collection that cover his athletic career in his native Norway, as a champion soccer player and ski jumper, and as a United States, Olympic, and world champion ski jumper. The materials within each scrapbook is organized chronologically, though several of the books overlap the same time period and are similar in content.
Univ of Utah - American Flame Research Committee
Research and scholarly material on flame and combustion.
Univ of Utah - Aziz Suryal Atiya papers
The Aziz Suryal Atiya papers (1927-1993) document the life and work of Aziz Atiya. Included are curriculum vitae, memorabilia, and personal correspondence and financial records. Also included are materials relating to his career as a teacher, scholar and author, including lecture notes, student papers, publication contracts, royalty information, materials relating to the publication of the Coptic Encyclopedia, articles, newsletters, offprints, clippings, research files and maps. Aziz S. Atiya was the founding director of the Middle East Center at the University of Utah. He was the author of many books and articles and editor of the Coptic Encyclopedia.
Univ of Utah - Basketball Video Collection
The University of Utah Utes basketball team was founded in 1908. The team has finished its season among the National Collegiate Athletics Association's (NCAA) top-25 teams 19 times 1949-2009 and has played in the following conferences: –1937: Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference 1938–1961: Skyline Conference 1962–1998: Western Athletic Conference (WAC) 1999–2010: Mountain West Conference 2011– : Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12)
Univ of Utah - Business Leaders Interviews
One promising student engagement program at the David Eccles School of Business involves students discovering how business leaders establish their guiding principles. Student teams conducted background research on business founders and their companies. From this material, they prepared plans for interviews to be conducted by Professor Calvin Boardman, the Bill Daniels Chair in Business Ethics. Interviews with business leaders were captured on broadcast-quality digital recordings and these life histories became the basis for case development and teaching materials. Allowing students to see and hear for themselves how business innovators make a difference in their companies and in their communities inspires students to consider, what kind of leader will I be? This material will be featured in the Voices of Experience gallery in the new David Eccles School of Business building.
Univ of Utah - Carbon County Oral Histories
Transcripts of taped interviews with 47 persons who lived and worked in Carbon County, Utah. Those interviewed were either immigrants or children of immigrants. Topics include family life, social conditions, discrimination, and work, particularly work in the coal mines. Interviews were conducted by various persons associated with the American West Center.
Univ of Utah - Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Phillips Camp Biographies
Biographies of Utah pioneers submitted to the Phillips Camp (Kaysville, Utah) of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. The collection provides source material on Mormon pioneers, including historical events and everyday life prior to and following arrival in Utah. The collection is also a source of information on the history of Kaysville, Utah and surrounding areas.
Univ of Utah - Daughters of the American Revolution Papers
Advertising pamphlets; scrapbooks containing organizational records including clippings, programs, announcements, correspondence, awards, photographs, and obituaries; publications of the NSDAR.
Univ of Utah - Department of Modern Dance and Ballet
The University of Utah Dance Theses Collection in the Audio Visual Archives consists of 64 videorecordings, ranging from 1967 to 2001, of graduate thesis concerts presented by MFA candidates from the Departments of Ballet and of Modern Dance. These departments are now separate, but were formerly a single combined department. The portion of this collection that is presented online consists of digitized VHS and UMatic tapes and several have deteriorated due to age and “sticky shed syndrome,” which affects magnetic tapes. The quality of the digitized version of these tapes has been greatly affected by this deterioration, demonstrating the need for greater preservation and digitization of audiovisual materials. For a full list of dance theses held by the Audio Visual Archives, please visit our Dance subject guide: Additionally, each thesis concert has a corresponding written portion that is available in the Western Americana section of Special Collections, located on the 4th floor of J. Willard Marriott Library.
Univ of Utah - Everett L. Cooley Oral History Project
An ongoing collection of transcripts of interviews with individuals who have been important in the development of the University of Utah and in Utah business, politics, and communications. Currently the collection includes approximately four hundred transcripts covering the time period from the end of the 19th century to the present.
Univ of Utah - Everett Ruess Family Papers
Collection contains diaries, correspondence, postcards, school work and original writings, and other documents related to Everett Ruess and his family.
Univ of Utah - Fayez A. Sayegh Collection
The Sayegh Collection, donated by Dr. Fayez A. Sayegh's widow, Mrs. Arlene Briem Sayegh to the J. Willard Marriott Library's Middle East Library, contains approximately 10,000 written works, of which at least 400-500 are of his correspondence and unpublished notations; several hundred tape recordings and films of his speeches and interviews; and his personal library of four to five thousand volumes. The collection focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as on topics ofthe theology of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism; international law; United States foreign policy; world history; and, philosophy. The four volume Fayez A. Sayegh register, consists of the individual listing of the materials contained in 405 boxes of manuscript materials and the hundreds of audio cassette tapes and video tapes. The Sayegh Collection is heavily used by scholars and students worldwide and is a major resource on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the politics of the modern Middle East. His early death in 1980, at the age of 58, was a tremendous loss not only to Palestine and the Middle East community, but to the intellectual world as a whole. The digital collection is a sampling of Dr. Fayez's written works.
Univ of Utah - Football Video Collection
The University of Utah Football video collection (1948-2003) is drawn from J. Willard Marriott Library’s Audio Visual Archives < " target="_blank">> and contains footage of University of Utah football games, most of which are silent coaches' training films of games divided into separate reels for offense, defense and kicking. The University of Utah Utes football team was founded in 1892. The team has played in the following conferences: 1910–1937: Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference 1938–1947: Big Seven Conference 1948–1961: Skyline Conference 1962–1998: Western Athletic Conference (WAC) 1999–2010: Mountain West Conference 2011– : Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12) For a full list of films in this collection, please see:
Univ of Utah - George A. Smith Papers
The George A. Smith family papers (1731-1968) are composed of personal papers of George A. Smith, Elias Smith, John Henry Smith, George Albert Smith, Lucy Emily Woodruff Smith Wilford Woodruff and Emily Smith Stewart. The collection includes early Smith family documents, family records, diaries and daybooks. George Albert Smith was first counselor to President Brigham Young from 1868 to 1875 and was recognized as the father of southern settlements in Utah, the chief of which, St. George, was named in his honor.
Univ of Utah - George Cannon Young Architecture
Personal papers including oral history transcripts, correspondence (1919-1975), tax and financial records, and appointment books (1938-1981). Included are personal papers of his wife, Eleanor Young. Also included are business records of George Cannon Young's firm, Deseret Architects and Engineers, including correspondence, advertizing materials, financial records, and records and drawings relating to architectural projects.
Univ of Utah - Glen Canyon
Glen Canyon Maps and Brochures
Univ of Utah - Golden Spike Oral History Papers
A collection of oral histories regarding the effects of constructing of the transcontinental railroad on the local economy and life; similarly, regarding the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Most regard Promontory Village and Promontory Stations, both modern park reconstructions.
Univ of Utah - H. Grant Ivins Papers
This collection contains diaries, correspondence, memoirs, unpublished manuscripts and articles on subjects relating to religion and the LDS Church. Included are missionary and other diaries (1910-1939) and general correspondence files (1915-1973); correspondents include David O. McKay and Dallin H. Oaks. Included is some correspondence of his father Anthony W. Ivins. Also included are three manuscripts dealing with Ivins' experiences with polygamy, his autobiography and memoirs.
Univ of Utah - Hiram B. Clawson Papers
Family correspondence from the Clawsons and Spencers, including letters from Hiram Clawson to his wife, Ellen Spencer Clawson, and letters from Orson Spencer to his children. Included are party invitations to Hiram Clawson and a few playbills from the Salt Lake Theatre.
Univ of Utah - Home Movie Collection
Home movies are one of the most valuable components of the Audio Visual Archives in Special Collections at J. Willard Marriott Library. In addition to providing rarely seen footage, home movies supply an even more precious opportunity to witness moments from regular people’s lives. Through them we see how people experienced the changing environment and social atmosphere of Utah and the surrounding area through a lens unaltered by the gloss of a promotional film or the selective composition of a narrative. From footage of family outings to the national parks in the 1930s to skiing, river running, and vacations throughout the twentieth century, the home movie collections of the Audio Visual Archives offer a glimpse into the everyday life of Utahans who have made this state what it is today.
Univ of Utah - Intermountain Acoustic Music
Salt Lake City, UT: International Bluegrass Association; The Intermountain Acoustic Music Association is a member of the International Bluegrass Music Association and Folk Alliance, the North American folk music and dance alliance. Intermountain Acoustic Musician is published monthly by the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association, a non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to the preservation, furtherance and spread of acoustic music, including bluegrass, British Isles, folk, old-time and related music formats.
Univ of Utah - Interviews with Japanese Americans in Utah
The interviews with Japanese Americans in Utah (1984-1988) consists of transcripts of a series of interviews conducted with members of the Japanese community between 1984 and 1988. Common themes within the interviews are family life, work, religion, immigration experiences, discrimination, and relations with the Mormon establishment in Utah.
Univ of Utah - Interviews with Jews in Utah
Audio cassette tapes and transcripts of tapes of interviews with forty Jewish Americans about life in Utah. Those interviewed were either immigrants or children of immigrants. Topics included family life, social conditions, religion, work, assimilation, and relations with Mormons. Interviews were conducted by Leslie G. Kelen of the Oral History Institute.
Univ of Utah - Jewish Oral History Project
Transcripts of tapes of interviews with twenty-five Jewish Americans concerning life in Utah. Interviews were conducted by various persons affiliated with the American West Center at the University of Utah.
Univ of Utah - John Hamilton Morgan Papers
Papers detailing the personal, professional, and religious activities of John Hamilton Morgan. Includes a typescript of his diary (1875-1892) and original and typescript correspondence (1875-1894); records of the Southern States Mission and the San Luis Valley, Colorado, settlement; biographical and religious articles written by and about John Morgan. Also included are collections of his inspirational stories, tributes to his memory, and a biography.
Univ of Utah - John Mills Whitaker Papers
Diaries (1878-1959); correspondence (1884-1959); personal items; memos and notes; business records; diary of Thomas William Whitaker (1849-1886).
Univ of Utah - Joseph Ellis Johnson Papers
Diaries, correspondence, writings, poetry, playbills, advertisements and photographs; copies of early newspapers published by Johnson; account books, daybooks and family record books; manuscript of a published biography of Johnson by Rufus Johnson.
Univ of Utah - Kennecott Corporation Papers
Documents concerning the Kennecott Copper Corporation and it's history.
Univ of Utah - Leo Leonard Papers
The Leo Leonard papers (1900-1975) contain correspondence, programs and announcements, traveling brochures, awards and certificates, newspaper clippings, books, maps, and other documents related to Leo Bradford Leonard's life and his career in the United States Army.
Univ of Utah - Linford and Richards Family Collection
The Linford/Richards papers document the lives of James H. Linford Jr., an educator, and his wife Mary Hooper Blood Linford , sister of Utah's seventh governor, Henry H. Blood. Also included are the papers of Lorenzo A. Richards, a physicist who specialized in agronomy, and his wife Zilla Linford Richards, niece of Utah's seventh governor, Henry H. Blood. The collections consist of journals, correspondence, day planners, and other materials.
Univ of Utah - Manuscripts
The Manuscripts Division of Special Collection houses more than 2600 unpublished historical collections of the University of Utah. These include diaries, autobiographies, correspondence, business and personal papers. Collections are available for use by students, researchers and members of the local community, as well as by any interested researcher.
Univ of Utah - Nelson Higgins Papers
The Nelson Higgins papers contain personal, professional and family materials. The majority of the documents pertain to his military appointments and service.
Univ of Utah - Oral History Collections
University of Utah Oral Histories
Univ of Utah - Philosophical Issues In Human Affairs Telecourses
The Philosophical Issues in Human Affairs telecourses collection (1973-1974) consists of video recordings of lectures written and delivered by philosophy Professor Charles H. Monson, Jr. The lectures were intended to serve as a philosophy telecourse for distance education students to view on the Utah Educational Network television station. The telecourses cover such topics as love, death, work, and freedom. Charles H. Monson, Jr. was a professor of philosophy at the University of Utah 1952-1956 and 1958-1960. He served as the deputy academic vice president of the school from 1966 and remained with the University of Utah until his death in 1974.
Univ of Utah - Richard Wright Young Papers
The collection is composed of the papers and architectural drawings of Richard Wright Young.
Univ of Utah - Saving the Legacy Oral History Project
Transcripts of interviews of World War II veterans living in Utah and the Intermountain West.
Univ of Utah - Spanish Speaking Peoples in Utah
his oral history collection consists of 166 interviews conducted in the early 1970s. The interview subjects lived in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The material deals with such topics as cultural norms and traditions, relations with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, union activities, employment opportunities, discrimination, the Depression years of the 1930s, the experiences of migrant farm workers, and various other issues relevant to the lives of the Hispanic community.
Univ of Utah - Susan Barbara Tallmon Sargent
The Susan Barbara Tallmon Sargent papers document her life as a physician and medical missionary to Lintsing, China, from 1905 to 1918. The collection consists of correspondence, journals, news clippings, reports, articles, guest books, and financial documents collected by Sargent's niece, Ardis Hitchcock.
Univ of Utah - Taylor A. Woolley Papers
Correspondence, blueprints, drawings, and memorabilia relating to Woolley's career. Of particular interest is the correspondence with artist Mahonri M. Young and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Univ of Utah - Thomas Jefferson O'Brien Journals
Consists of O'Brien's journal relating his activities with the Maori on the northern island of New Zealand.
Univ of Utah - Topaz Oral Histories
The Topaz oral history project collection interviews were conducted by Sandra Taylor, of the University of Utah's Department of History. The interviews were part of her research for Jewel of the desert: Japanese American internment at Topaz (1993). Also included are correspondence, news clippings, published and unpublished articles, and research files.; The Topaz oral history project collection contains transcripts of tapes, and related transcription materials of a collection of 70 oral history interviews which document the lives of Japanese Americans who were interned at the Topaz, Utah, camp. The interviews were conducted by Sandra Taylor of the University of Utah
Univ of Utah - Utah Foreign Language Review
The Utah Foreign Language Review is published annually by the Publishing Council at the University of Utah and the Department of Languages and Literature. The journal is receptive to a variety of subjects, whether general or specific, and to all scholarly methods and theoretical perspectives. The ideal Utah Foreign Language Review essay addresses a significant problem relevant to the annual topic, delineates research findings, and engages the reader through a concise and clear presentation.
Univ of Utah - Utah Humanities Research Foundation
The bulk of the collection consists of historical materials collected by the Foundation. Included are letters, articles, family histories, town and county histories, biographies, and miscellaneous materials on Utah cultural history. Business correspondence relates to the publication of the Utah (later Western) Humanities Review, including Dale Morgan's bibliographies of the lesser Mormon churches. Correspondents also include Bernard De Voto and Wallace Stegner. Also included are a small quantity of business records of the Foundation, a manuscript and galley proofs of the first issue of the "Utah Humanities Review," and records of the Warshaw Essay Contest.
Univ of Utah - Utah Pioneer Costume Research Project
The purpose of the Utah Pioneer Costume Research Project was to photograph, record and annotate historic dress and define the relation of Utah pioneer dress to the general development of costume in the United States. It attempts to find similarities between Utah pioneer dress and the characteristics of the fashion of 1977, to find in what ways Utah pioneer dress differed from these, and to find what additions were made to the fashion of 1977 by Utah pioneer dress. The conclusions reached were that Utah pioneer dress, from 1847-1875, followed the general characteristics of 1977 fashion because the women had an interest in dress. But pioneer dress differed in certain details from 1977 fashion too.
Univ of Utah - Utah Quilt Heritage Records
The Utah quilt heritage records contain Polaroid photographs of and questionnaires regarding quilts dating from the 1880s to the 1950s. The Utah Quilt Guild was organized in 1977 to promote preservation of the art of quilt making. In order to preserve the history of quilts in Utah, the guild held a series of " documentation days," where volunteers throughout the state photographed and documented quilts.
Univ of Utah - Western Federation of Watercolor Societies
Collection contains the annual records of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Collected in a scrapbook form, materials range from correspondence to photographs, flyers, meeting notes, and exhibition information.
University Neighborhood Partners
This collection contains various administrative documents of the University Neighborhood Partners program. The UNP brings together University and west side resources for reciprocal learning, action, and benefit. Its goals include increasing opportunities for youth education and success, building the capacity of neighborhoods in the areas of health, housing, employment, business, safety, and the environment, and creating initiatives to empower and expand community leadership.
University of Utah - Athletics
A collection of historical photographs, media guides, game programs, statistics, and videos from several UofU Athletics programs. Sports includes are: football, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, tennnis, and cheerleading. Check back often as this collection grows rapidly.
University of Utah Career Services Library
This collection holds the complete catalog of the Career Services Library. This catalog includes books on finding potential jobs and employers, how to successfully interview for a job, current job market and salary trends, and so much more. It also includes self-assessment resources and information about continuing education in graduate school.
University of Utah Health Sciences Photographs
An assortment of photographs of department chairs, university buildings, and professors related to the University's Health Sciences.
University of Utah Photo Archives
The University of Utah Photo Archives contain nearly 50,000 photos spanning many topics.
University of Utah Utonian Yearbooks
This collection contains 72 volumes of The Utonian - the annual yearbook of the University of Utah. It runs from 1905 to 1981.
Utah American Indian Digital Archive (UAIDA)
The Utah American Indian Digital Archive (UAIDA) is a gateway to the best resources regarding Utah’s Indian tribes. With articles, books, government documents, tribal documents, oral histories, photographs, and maps pertaining to all 6 Utah tribes, this unique archive captures the complicated history of the tribes from multiple perspectives. The project, which stems from forty years of research conducted by the University of Utah’s American West Center on behalf of Utah’s Indians, offers tribal members, students, and researchers unprecedented access to information about the rich history and culture of Utah’s native peoples.
Utah Artists Project
This unique collection contains artwork, biographies, and bibliographies of more than 200 Utah artists.
Utah Digital Newspapers
The Utah Digital Newspapers makes historic Utah newspapers available to the general public over the Internet. We create a database of digital images and searchable text from old newspapers and make it accessible from our website. At this writing, the database holds 750,000 pages from 58 distinct titles, from 1850-1982.
Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium
Various documents outlining the history and proceedings of the Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium. The mission of the Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium is to improve health care through the development and fostering of a cooperative network of health sciences libraries in Utah. In support of its mission, the Consortium will share resources; develop a professional network to support professional growth and development; develop standards to assure quality in the provision of library services; and advocate the value of libraries and librarians to their institutions, hospital administrators and health care professionals. Documents included are meeting minutes (1980-1997), financial records (1982-1993), and various letters, memos, and other documents.
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
This collection contains over 150 images of pieces in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. In total the museum holds over 17,000 objects including paintings, drawings, etchings, photography, and mixed media materials from acclaimed artists around the world.
Utah Press Association-A Century Later
A history of the Utah newspaper industry, the Utah Press Association, and the Utah Newspaper Hall of Fame.
Utah River Running Archives
River running has grown from the obscure pastime of a few hardy explorers to a major component of the tourist industry in the United States and around the world. Each year, thousands of people gravitate to wild rivers, challenging themselves in whitewater, seeking quiet and beauty, and experiencing nature unchanged. In 1985, the Special Collections department at J. Willard Marriott Library launched an effort to capture the history of river running in the Intermountain West before those who made and lived it disappeared. Since that time, Special Collections has amassed a wide-ranging collection of oral histories, photographs, films, publications, and manuscript materials that document the history of river travel on the Colorado River system. Not only do these collections document the recreational aspects of river running, they also cover environmental history, water use, and development on the Colorado River and its tributaries.
Utah Ski Archives
The Utah Ski and Snowboard Archives is one of the most comprehensive collections in the entire country for research into the history and development of Utah's prospering winter sports industry. The archives document the history of ski competition on local, national, and international levels; the founding of major resorts; snow safety and avalanche control; ski equipment; ski instruction; freestyle skiing; the 10th Mountain Division; back-country skiing; and virtually every facet of winter sports in Utah and the surrounding region.
Utah Ski Archives Newsletter
This collection contains 25 back issues of the Utah Ski Archives Newsletter.The Ski Archives serves to find and preserve materials that help document the history of Utah and Inter-mountain skiing.
Utah State Constitution and Historical Statutes
An original copy of the Utah Constitution with a complete history of historical laws, ordinances, and legal documents from the Utah Territorial Legislature. These important early territorial documents are from 1847-1895.
Utah State Historical Society
This extensive set of unique collections from the Utah State Historical Society contains tens of thousands of photographs depicting important parts of Utah history.
Utah's Health: An Annual Review
This collection contains the first 9 volumes of the Utah Health Review, from 1993-2003. The goal of all sections of the journal is to provide readers with current information regarding health care in Utah and the nation, and to promote interest in health-related topics.
Utah's Urban Pioneer Folk Music Revival of 1958-1968
The urban folk music revival of the 1960s in Utah, a significant period culturally and historically, was almost completely ephemeral, fated to disappear with the artists who had participated in it unless somebody created a documentary record through oral history interviews and the recovery and preservation of historic photographs and memorabilia. Folklorist Polly Stewart (1943-2013) therefore initiated in 2004 an open ended documentation project to collect and preserve oral histories and materials.


Water Wise Utah
Water Wise Utah is a collaborative University of Utah project led by the Utah Education Network (UEN) in partnership with KUER, KUED, the Utah Museum of Natural History, and the J. W. Marriott Library. Its goal is to raise awareness of critical water issues and encourage water conservation throughout Utah. Water Wise Utah will offer TV documentaries, K-12 educational events, a museum exhibit, and a Web site linking to the Western Waters Digital Library, and will collaborate with Utah water agencies and community organizations to target Utah communities with high rates of water consumption. This digital collection is a continually growing resource about critical water issues and the need to conserve.
Western Soundscape Archive
The Western Soundscape Archive recognizes the vital connection between places and their soundscapes. It features audio recordings of animals and environments throughout the western United States. The project's geographic focus includes eleven contiguous western states - Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming - as well as baseline sound monitoring in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. These geographic boundaries were chosen to coincide with existing maps and data gathered by state and federal organizations. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is included to incorporate 60 hours of recordings made on the refuge in June of 2006 by an expedition funded in part by the University of Utah. The WSA typically features three types of recordings: individual species, ambient soundscapes and interviews. Individual "species cuts" are often relatively short recordings that are commonly used for species identification and call analysis. In most cases, the WSA focuses on terrestrial vertebrates, including amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. Ambient recordings, or "soundscapes" are usually longer recordings - up to an hour or more - that feature all of an area's sonic components together in concert. The National Park Service defines soundscape as "the total acoustic environment of an area." Interviews with scientists and other experts are included to give added context to the sounds, and will occasionally be heard on radio broadcasts and podcasts.
Western Waters Digital Library
The Western Waters Digital Library is a regional cooperative administered within the Greater Western Library Alliance. It is dedicated to providing access to water-related resources regarding the trans-Mississippi region of North America. The resources include classic water literature, government reports, legal transcripts, water project records, personal papers, photographic collections, and audio/video materials associated with four major river basins of the Western United States. The West is affected by a natural aridity, which limits water in the region. Coupled with the highest current population growth in the nation, that factor makes knowledge of the region’s history requisite for effective planning.
Westminster College Collections
Westminster College's digital collections contain photos and textual works regarding the history of the college and early religious movements in the area.
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